The 2020 All-Star Volleyball Games will be played on Saturday, July 25, 2020 at 3:00 PM at Shivers Gymnasium on the campus of Pearl River Comminty College. Players report on Game Day.
Admission: $10; MAC Cards are accepted.
Important information is listed below:
  • Volleyball Coaching Record Update Forms must be received by Monday, October 28 You must submit this form if you like to be considered for All-Star Coach. 
  • All-Star Volleyball Coaches will be selected on Wednesday, October 30
  • All-Star Volleyball Player Nomination Forms must be electronically submitted by Wednesday, October 30. 
  • All-Star Volleyball Players will be selected Wednesday, November 6.
  • All-Star Player Participation Forms need to be submitted electronically by Thursday, November 21. A copy of your school physical will need to be faxed to our office by this date also (Fax: 601-924-3050.  Your Coach can help you with this).
  • Ads must be received by Thursday, December 5.
  • All-Stars will report on Saturday, July 25 at 11 AM to Shivers Gymnasium on the campus of Pearl River Community College.  Reporting Instructions will be available 2 weeks prior to game day; be sure to check the website at that time to download them.
  • The 2020 All-Star Volleyball Games will be played at 3:00 PM on Saturday, July 25 at Shivers Gymnasium on the campus of Pearl River Community College. 

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Guidelines for All-Star Volleyball Game

I. Selection of Coaches:
•  Must be a current member of the M.A.C.
• Must have been a head coach in a MHSAA school.
• Must abide by the M.A.C. Code of Ethics.
• Must fulfill all commitments specified by M.A.C.
II. Selection of Players:
• Must be a junior in good standing with MHSAA, MAC, respective school & coaching staff.
• Must respond to all dated material by the date requested.
• Female players must not be pregnant.
• Must exhibit positive attitude to those in charge at all times.
• No jewelry during practices or games.
** A player or coach may be dismissed from the All-Star team at any time by the MAC Executive Director for not complying with these guidelines.
III.  To be eligible for selection, all player nominations must be electronically submitted on the M.A.C. website five working days before the date of the Selection Committee Meeting.