Seated Left to Right:  Brandon Davis, Trey Sutton, Corbin Ellis, Jeremy Parker, Chris Schuster, Kent Lewis.

Standing Left to Right:  Jake Mills, John Walker, Buddy Hall, Jeb Lee, Andy McGregor, Matt King.

Seated Left to Right:  Daniel Rowsey, Richie Taylor, Jarred Robinson, Kevin Williams, Justin Reed, Trave Hopkins.

Standing Left to Right:  Adam Dyess, Johnny Welch, Derrick Jenkins, Allen Eubanks, Ian Sharp, Joe Hartfield.

Seated Left to Right:  Wes Johnson, Shannon Smith, John Harris, Derek Thompson, Turk Stovall, Travis Garner

Standing Left to Right:  Gerard McCall, Clay Bush, Josh Snider, Matt Quick, Shane Rutledge, Cragin Gilbert

Seated (Left to Right):  Ricky Lunford, Shaw; Jarrod Corlew, Strayhorn; Will Hawkins, Nettleton; Joel Gafford, Ripley; Neil Frederic, Center Hill; Conner Douglas, Warren Central.

Standing (Left to Right):   Jacques Poole, Prentiss; Chris Schuster, Ethel; Seth Lofton, Wesson; Jeremy Parker, Northeast Jones; David Marsland, West Harrison; Anthony DeWitt; Hancock.     


1A/2A NORTH TEAM                                                1A/2A SOUTH TEAM

Scott Collier, Mantachie                                             Nathan Wright, French Camp

Dustin McMillin, Falkner                                             Jared Britt, Loyd Star


3A/4A NORTH TEAM                                               3A/4A SOUTH TEAM

Kary Bridges, Water Valley                                       Bo Long, East Central

Andy Deaton, Belmont                                             Kelly Greer, Florence


5A/6A NORTH TEAM                                               5A/6A SOUTH TEAM

Chris Baughman, Oxford                                          Jordan Rogers, South Jones

Mark Monaghan, DeSoto Central                           Neil Walther, Pearl River Central



1A/2A NORTH TEAM                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

Dustin McMillin, Falkner                    

Scott Collier, Mantachie                                                                                                            


Nathan Wright, French Camp

Jared Britt, Loyd Star

3A/4A NORTH TEAM                                                                                  

Andy Deaton, Belmont                                             

Kary Bridges, Water Valley


Kelly Greer, Florence

Bo Long, East Central

5A/6A NORTH TEAM                                              

Chris Baughman, Oxford                                         

Mark Monaghan, DeSoto Central    


Jordan Rogers, South Jones

Neil Walther, Pearl River Central


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