The 2023 All-Star Golf Tournament will begin at 9:00 AM on Monday, November 6 at Deerfield Golf Club in Canton, MS.  

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  • Golf All-Stars will be announced Wednesday, October 18.
  • All-Star Player Participation Forms must be electronically submitted by Wednesday, October 25.  These forms must be submitted to participate; failure to do so will result in removal.
  • Players will report at 8 AM on Tournament Day: Monday, November 6.
  •  The 2023 All-Star Golf Tournament will begin at 9:00 AM on Monday, November 6 at Deerfield Golf Club in Canton, MSFree Admission.



Be sure to review the guidelines to ensure that your players are eligible.

A Message from Our Golf Chairman, Coach Shane Sanderson:

"The All-Star Golf Coaches will choose the team they think will best represent the area they coach (North/South). The only criteria at this time is the golfer must be in good standing with his/her school and their coach must be a member of the M.A.C. Grade and school classification will not restrict or promote any player chosen. Coaches will work together and choose players based on scores from tournaments, difficulty of courses played, personal observation and feedback from other coaches. Eight girls and twelve boys will be chosen to represent the north and the same amount chosen for the south. Just as there are with our other All-Star events - there will be many deserving players left off. "


All-Star Golf Guidelines

I.  Selection of Players

• Must be in good standing with MHSAA, MAC, respective school & coaching staff.
• Must respond to all dated material by the date requested.
• Female players must not be pregnant.
• Must exhibit positive attitude to those in charge at all times.
• Male & female players cannot wear earrings in practices or games.

  • Who can participate? 
    • Golfers whose coach is a member of the Mississippi Association of Coaches.
    • Players in grades 7-12 are eligible.  
    • A Total of 40 Golfers will be selected:  
      • 16 Girl Golfers:  8 from the North, 8 from the South
      • 24 Boy Golfers:  12 from the North, 12 from the South
    •  If any player has prior commitment, he/she will not be replaced in the tournament.

II.  Selection of Coaches

•  Must be a current member of the M.A.C.
• Must have been a head high school golf coach in a MHSAA school.
• Can only coach in one all-star game per year.
• Must abide by the M.A.C. Code of Ethics.
• Must have demonstrated by past performance that he/she will fulfill all commitments he/she made concerning his/her all-star player(s) as required and specified to by the M.A.C.
• Recommendations for these All-Star Coaches come from M.A.C. Golf Committee based on Coaching Record Update forms submitted by individual coaches; final approval by the M.A.C. Executive Committee.

** A player may be dismissed from the All-Star team at any time by the MAC Executive Director for not complying with these guidelines.