(1) Insurance: $1,000,000 per occurrence liability coverage; $2,000,000 General Aggregate per member.

(2) Digital Membership Directory & MAC app

(3) All-Star Games: eligibility to coach in games (must submit Coach’s Update Forms that are available on the website); eligibility to nominate players for All-Star games (nomination forms available on website); admission to All-Star games for coach & immediate family.

*** The MAC office will e-mail notices to each Head Coach informing them that it is time to submit Coach’s Update Forms & Player Nomination forms. Notices will instruct the coaches to go to the website - www.mscoaches.com - to electronically submit the necessary forms, and will include the deadline dates for all forms to be received in the MAC office in order for coaches & players to be included on the list of eligible coaches/players for each All-Star event.***

(4) Multi-Sports Clinic: 54 hours of sports instruction covering Athletic Directing, Archery, Baseball, Basketball, Cheerleading, Football, Golf, Powerlifting, Softball, Soccer, Swimming, Track, & Volleyball. Also available at the Clinic: rules sessions for each sport; an opportunity to earn 4 Continuing Education Units, and eligibility to play in Golf Tournament.

(5) Service Awards: 15-year (pin) and 20-year (paperweight) awards presented at General Business Meeting at Clinic; 25-year and up - in 5-year increments - (certificate) presented at annual Hall of Fame Banquet. Coach must submit Application for Recognition of Service form available on the website and in your current Directory.

(6) Special Recognition: eligible to be selected as Coach of the Year and receive plaque at Hall of Fame Banquet; eligible to receive plaque for State Championships (plaques are presented at All-Star Games and/or Clinic Sessions).

(7) Hall of Fame: eligible to nominate coaches for the Hall of Fame; eligible to be nominated for the Hall of Fame; MAC Past Presidents serve as the Hall of Fame selection committee.

(8) Undergraduate Scholarships: MAC members who have a natural or adopted child enrolled in college are eligible to participate in a drawing (held at the General Business meeting of the Clinic) for one of two $500 scholarships sponsored by World Class Athletic Surfaces.

(9) Memorial Athletic Benefit & Permanent Disability Plan:  Your players are covered under the Memorial Athletic Benefit and Permanent Disability Plan.

(10)  MyCoachingTree Membership:  Your MAC membership gives you access to MyCoachingTree at no additional cost.

(11)  NHSACA Membership:  Your MAC membership includes dual membership in the National High School Athletic Coaches Association.  NHSACA Member Benefits can be found here:  https://1800members.com/nhsaca.