(1) Insurance: $1,000,000 per occurrence liability coverage; $2,000,000 General Aggregate per member.

(2) Digital Membership Directory & MAC app

(3) All-Star Games: eligibility to coach in games (must submit Coach’s Update Forms that are available on the website); eligibility to nominate players for All-Star games (nomination forms available on website); admission to All-Star games for coach & immediate family.

*** The MAC office will e-mail notices to each Head Coach informing them that it is time to submit Coach’s Update Forms & Player Nomination forms. Notices will instruct the coaches to go to the website - www.mscoaches.com - to electronically submit the necessary forms, and will include the deadline dates for all forms to be received in the MAC office in order for coaches & players to be included on the list of eligible coaches/players for each All-Star event.***

(4) Multi-Sports Clinic: 54 hours of sports instruction covering Athletic Directing, Archery, Baseball, Basketball, Cheerleading, Football, Golf, Powerlifting, Softball, Soccer, Swimming, Track, & Volleyball. Also available at the Clinic: rules sessions for each sport; an opportunity to earn 4 Continuing Education Units, and eligibility to play in Golf Tournament.

(5) Service Awards: 15-year (pin) and 20-year (paperweight) awards presented at General Business Meeting at Clinic; 25-year and up - in 5-year increments - (certificate) presented at annual Hall of Fame Banquet. Coach must submit Application for Recognition of Service form available on the website and in your current Directory.

(6) Special Recognition: eligible to be selected as Coach of the Year and receive plaque at Hall of Fame Banquet; eligible to receive plaque for State Championships (plaques are presented at All-Star Games and/or Clinic Sessions).

(7) Hall of Fame: eligible to nominate coaches for the Hall of Fame; eligible to be nominated for the Hall of Fame; MAC Past Presidents serve as the Hall of Fame selection committee.

(8) Undergraduate Scholarships: MAC members who have a natural or adopted child enrolled in college are eligible to participate in a drawing (held at the General Business meeting of the Clinic) for one of two $500 scholarships sponsored by World Class Athletic Surfaces.

(9) Your players are covered under the Memorial Athletic Benefit and Permanent Disability Plan.

(10)  Your MAC membership gives you access to MyCoachingTree at no additional cost.