Pictured Left to Right:  Ashley Martin, Christina Morgan, Shayna Walsh, Kelsie Poole

Left to Right:  David Irwin, Kelsa Walker, Samantha Brooks, Ashley Connolly.

Seated Left to Right:  Margaret Falatko & Annie McGregor

Standing Left to Right:  Christina Daigle & Mandell Echols


Seated Left to Right:  Samantha Brooks & Allison Burchyett.

Standing Left to Right:  Sherry Wallace & Jeff Graves.

Left to Right:  Reid Gann, Christina Morgan, Kelsa Walker, Haley Chatham.


Melissa Denson, Clinton - North Head Coach

Rick Rechtien, Hancock - South Head Coach


Pollyann Watters, Clinton - North Assistant Coach

Jesse Rechtien, Hancock - South Assistant Coach

Not Pictured:  Meaghan Schlueter, St. Andrew's 

2015-2016 All-Star Volleyball Coaches

South Head Coach Scott Fitzgerald (Columbia) and North Head Coach Margaret Falatko (DeSoto Central)


2014-2015 All-Star Volleyball Coaches - North Team

ms assn of coaches 2014-2015 All-Star Volleyball Coaches - NORTH TEAM

Head Coach Jana Carter, Clinton

Assistant Coach Melissa Denson, Clinton

2014-2015 All-Star Volleyball Coaches - South Team

ms assn of coaches 2014-2015 All-Star Volleyball Coaches - SOUTH TEAM

Head Coach Kelsea Seymour, Oak Grove

Assistant Coach Abbie Hendley, Oak Grove - NOT PICTURED