Click here to download the 2022-2023 MAC Membership Application.


If you are an Athletic Director who plans to have your school or district pay for the MAC Memberships of your coaches on one check, please go ahead and try to get your Coaches to fill out their applications before school is out for the summer.   In the past, we have received applications that have not been filled out correctly or completely.  If any information is omitted, the form cannot be processed.  This creates a problem when we receive multiple applications on one check as we will not be able to process any of the applications submitted with the incorrect form.  For example, if Coach John submits his application with 40 other applications from his school, but he fails to put his address and his phone number, his application along with the other 40 applications will not be able to processed.  

Please be sure that each form has been filled out completely.  First & last name, complete home address, phone number, school, and sports coached are required fields.

We would like to have all school checks sent in prior to Wednesday, July 6 to avoid confusion when coaches arrive at the Clinic. 

School checks will not be exempt from the processing fee ($20 per coach) that is assessed for all memberships processed on site. To avoid the on-site processing fee, please be sure that your school check & applications have been received in our office by Wednesday, July 6.

Please give us a call if you have any questions about this.