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Welcome to MAC Tennis Webinars 2020

I hope you will find value in the selected videos and websites. If you have questions or request for specific content related to coaching, please contact me at

  1. USTA has recently updated and improved the USTA Website. The link will show one of the videos available, presented by Jorge Capestany. On the bottom of the page, there is an additional link to access more videos and access a free mental toughness training course:


       2. A Quick reference to tennis scoring – 8min – YouTube video by Essential Tennis. This is a great reference to share with new players or if you have not coached or played tennis before, its worth viewing.

The Rules of Tennis Explained

       3. PTR – Professional Tennis Registry – There are various length webinars available on the resource site plus interviews with past and present ATP and WTA Professionals in PTR Hour Live.

                  Top 4 options in the PTR Webinar Series at a glance:

  1. Working with Girls in Tennis – Kim Clijsters Academy. (Video #2)
  2. Improving on Court Movement – Dean Hollingsworth – Dean helps coaches identify the essentials for young athletes to perform better on court. (video #3)
  3. Improve your language patterns for accelerated player performance (Neuro Linguistic Programming) – Emma Doyle – Emma touches on the essentials on how players learn and connect in different ways to coaches. (Video #5)
  4. Training a healthy junior player – Dr Neeru Jayanthi ( Emory Sports Medicine Center). Dr Jayanthi, is an orthopedic specialist as well as a certified USPTA Elite Professional and works intensively with coaches to reduce injury in young athletes. (video #4)

         4. USPTA Southern – 5 Fundamentals of Mental Toughness in Tennis - Dr. Gregg Steinberg –

About Dr. Gregg Steinberg; Dr. Gregg Steinberg is a professor of sport psychology and he has been the mental coach to many professional and amateur tennis players. He was the mental coach to the Vanderbilt Men's tennis team that reached in the finals of the NCAA championships. He is the head sport psychologist for the International Association of Tennis Psychology (IATP).