Pre Testing:
Players, Coaches, Managers, Athletic Trainers and support personnel will be tested prior to the beginning of practices twice.
1. Everyone must obtain a PCR test (not rapid antigen) between 11/27-12/2 At your regular physician (if you can’t find one contact me and I will find someone for you.) Please email your results to Richey Woods  Make sure you get this done on or before 12/2 to allow time for results to return before 12/8/20. 
2. On the day of departure, 12/8, everyone will be tested again with a rapid antigen test at their pickup locations (Mississippi College and Meridian) before loading the bus and departing.   Departure testing will be sponsored by North Sunflower Medical Center; no payment for will be required for this test.
Daily Screening:
All personnel will be screened daily with a temperature check and signs and symptoms questionnaire before loading bus for practice and after the last practice upon arrival back at the hotel.  
Preventive Measures:
Masks will be worn at all times while traveling on the date of departure, on the bus to and from practice, and during team meetings.  
Hand sanitizer and cleaning supplies will be readily available and use encouraged.  
In the Event of Illness while on Site:
In the event that personnel develop signs or symptoms while on site, they will be evaluated and isolated in a separate room and tested as deemed appropriate by on site personnel.  
If you have been diagnosed with COVID 19 and have recovered within 90 days of 12/12/20, you are exempt from testing.  You must bring documentation from your physician showing the date you were tested and a clearance to participate.